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The history of the PRESIDENTFASHION brand was written in 2015 by Salvatore Martino, an entrepreneur who for years has headed a leading company in advertising and communication development at national and international level.

His passion for fashion is preceded by that for sport, which made him president of a football team. It was his boys who gave him the inspiration for the brand’s name.

PRESIDENTFASHION is a Made in Italy brand, specialized in the production of limited edition prêt-à-porter.

A universe that is told through a cosmopolitan and urban style.

PRESIDENTFASHION garments make outfits modern but at the same time unique, creating a trendy image, perfect for those who love to be talked about through their look.

Our support as a press office is to keep in touch daily with online and offline magazines to promote the PRESIDENTFASHION product within the editorials and fashion columns.

The brand strategy is always developed on a double channel, in addition to the PRESIDENTFASHION brand, the figure of Salvatore Martino, founder and brand ambassador is always associated with the press.

The operations of the press office department also concern the handling of the product, appointments with stylists, bloggers and editors to promote the brand and public relations.

The digilat press also aims to create the right mix of content both to activate a greater interest in the PRESIDENTFASHION brand, and to retain the fan base and obtain high interactions.

In line with the digital market, a strong positioning of the PRESIDENTFASHION brand on social media is planned through collaboration with the best known influencers. Hence the action of identifying some figures by analyzing Instagram profiles to promote the brand image

PRESIDENTFASHION has invested in the e-commerce channel since 2015, with an e-shop site open to the Italian market.
The platform has experienced significant growth, becoming one of the main sales channels and brand image.
With the restyling that took place in 2020, e-commerce has opened the doors to new devices, fully supporting mobile devices with content optimized for mobile devices. A completely renewed website that integrates corporate and e-commerce site in a single solution, allowing users to browse institutional content and dedicate themselves to the shopping experience among the brand’s limited edition collections.
Optimized for browsing from any type of device – mobile, tablet and desktop – the new website guarantees a high level user experience.
The most interesting news concerns the opening of sales to countries such as RUSSIA, CHINA JAPAN and SAUDI ARABIA: available in English and Italian.

Four production sites represent the best expression of the Brand’s manufacturing tradition, in order to preserve artisan skills aimed at obtaining products of Italian excellence.

The production cycle always includes an innovative printing and application process on all garments.

PRESIDENTFASHION clothing always stands out for its quality and originality.

Added to this is a network of trusted suppliers, aimed at guaranteeing excellent quality, with particular attention to the conditions of reliability

After a short break, PRESIDENTFASHION relaunches its brand with a targeted strategy focusing above all on the world of web-social-online.
The new LIMETED EDITION #notforeveryone collection perfectly embodies the brand’s new spirit.
A limited edition sales strategy presented through events, social strategy and web-adv.
The collections will have a cyclical trend:

With the addition of Temporary Edition:
San Valentine
Summer Special

A further line will be based on the concept of secret-store, where places and times will be indicated through social networks to acquire the #notforeveryone model

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